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ESSENS Collagen is a food supplement from the NUTRIESSENS product line in the form of a delicious fruit gel with maracuja and orange flavour. An unmatched quantity of hydrolysed animal collagen and native plant collagen combined with Acerola extract (Vitamin C) and L-tryptophan provide maximum use in the body. The gel does not contain artificial dyes, gluten, lactose and is suitable for diabetics, thanks to low glycemic index.


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  • prevention of collagen glycation (glycation is a natural process where sugar in the bloodstream binds to proteins and forms harmful molecules called AGE – Advanced
    Glycation End products, resulting in aging skin)
  • removal of already formed glycosylated complexes from the body
  • with regular use, the skin returns to its elasticity and a younger appearance occurs
  • positive effect on nails and hair

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