Do you need more energy to your life? Do you want to start better life? You have to try new amazing Essynbio! Synbiotics are a food supplement combining probiotics and prebiotics, the effect of which is based on synergy, i.e. synergism, where the result is EXTREMELY higher than just a sum of individual component effects.

ESSYNBIO Microbiome Caps can be used for:

    • supplementing intestinal microflora in the organism, e.g. after antibiotic treatment
    • weight control
    • support for proper function of the digestive tract and intestinal inflammation treatments
    • support of skin disease treatment incl. atopic dermatitis
    • support of the immune system
    • positive influence on allergies and autoimmune diseases
    • positive effect diabetes
    • support for mental functions, moods, memory and depression
    • positive effect on the vascular system and cardiovascular disease
    • liver protection and detoxification of the organism
    • prevention of oncological diseases

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