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Essens perfume review

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Essens Perfume Review

My favorite perfume is w107 because it is strong and distinctive. I love fragrances that are both intense and modern. Dana

I am a man and my favorite fragrances include M003, M008 and M024. Most often I use M008, everyone likes it! It is distinctive, sporty, male. I recommend to all men to try. Daniel

I am a woman and I love fresh perfumes. My top perfume is w111. I also use shower gels and body creams. Body creams are amazingly moisturizing and suitable for my sensitive skin. Radka

In the summer months I love w104 and w105, they are fresh! In winter I usually use w107 and w115 because they are more pronounced. I love the fragrance of Essens, try it too! Helga

For many years I have been using Essens perfumes. My favorite is w107, not just perfume, but also shower gel and body cream. My husband uses m001, a distinctive masculine perfume. Zlata

Niche perfume by Essens

The touch of luxury from Essens. The best perfume inside and out, these are Niche Perfumes. Essens presents luxury niche perfumes for you.

Each NICHE perfume is accompanied by a free, sophisticated giftbag and a silver, cotton ribbon to help emphasise the beauty and luxuriousness of the perfume for your customers.

Fall in love with Essens niche Fragrance

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PharmDr. Milan Krajíček:
Autumn is a very appropriate period for detoxification of the organism from harmful toxins accumulated in the body during the summer. It increases the immune system, supports metabolism and the body receives relief. ESSENS Detox strengthens the immune system, helps eliminate seasonal colds and prepares the body for cold months.

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Delicious, fruit gels  – you must have them.

Orange flavoured Lift Up delivers morning energy and prepares the body for physical and mental challenge.
On the contrary, cherry flavoured Chill Out relaxes the mind, brings about mental well-being and relieves the feeling of exhaustion.

More energy thanks for Lift Up by Essens

Are you tired? Sometime I am tired, mainly autum or spring. Lift Up help me. Lift Up help you! Try it right now.

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Be beauty with Essens

To underline the natural beauty of girls and women, ESSENS introduced a new cosmetic range at the beginning of 2018 – ESSENS Beauty.

The long-lasting, premium quality make-up stays in perfect condition throughout the day and ensures and an attractive look. All products combine sophisticated manufacturing technology and high coverage capability, in modern tones. The cosmetics are packed in elegant boxes, are made without parabens and are also tested both dermatologically and ophthalmologically.

This product range consists of make-up that perfectly covers the skin’s unevenness and unifies the colour tone. The matte powder with SPF 15 protects the perfect appearance and promotes longer-lasting make-up. Mascara maximises the volume of eyelashes, and eye-catching eyeliner and eyebrow liners accentuate the eyes. Cream or Matte lipstick provides beautiful lips, and in conjunction with the lipliner, the lip-line is perfectly contoured and preventative of blurring. Groomed nails with high-quality nail polish add to femininity and increase attractiveness.

The entire product line, whose portfolio will gradually expand, is presented in a carefully selected palette of trendy colours.