My best Essens perfumes

Essens is about beauty, health and amazing perfumes. I would like give you some tips for Essens mens perfumes. You can get for better price after registration to Essens club here. 🙂

4 elements

My favourite perfume from 4 elements collection is red one, because it is really nice for men. Strong scent who you will love it.


Beautifully warm unisex fragrance conceals sensual spicy oriental tones with gently intertwined fruity and smoky nuances underlined by fine cinnamon. The result is a bewitching yet the elegant scent is full of passion.

  • Head: Bergamot, lemon
  • Heart: Cinnamon, clean, patchouli
  • Basis: Vanilla, benzoe, musk, bob tonka

Enjoy stunning 100 ml perfume with 20% content of aromatic essences inspired by the four basic elements.

4 elements by Essens

Niche perfumes by Essens

Royal blue is my favourite! Niche perfumes are unisex like 4 elements. I think that Royal blue is great for me.

Niche Perfume – Royal Blue

ESSENS Niche Perfume will engulf you. It`s an obsession, a passion…

It is a secret hidden in the combination of traditional craftsmanship and noble natural ingredients. It is the ultimate emphasis on perfect interplay and balance of unique fragrances.

Become extraordinary, listen to your own senses and experience unforgettable moments as niche perfumes will guide you through the world of magic, open up a world of memories and kidnap you in the fragrant cloud of your own imagination.

This deep and splendid scent creates endless emotions. Opening with woody and green tones gradually blending through a thick patch into the ultimate dazzling scent of smoke and tobacco. This spellbinding unisex scent leaves behind a deep and intense footprint.

  • Top note: Green notes, Woody
  • Middle note: Patchouli, Cedarwood, Sandalwood
  • Base note: Vanilla, Tobacco, Smokey, Musk

UNISEX perfume ESSENS Niche Royal Blue contains 20% aromatic essences and the flacon carries 100ml of perfect fragrance.

Niche by Essens

My favourite from standard edition

Essens perfume men m008

An irresistible fragrance, expressing a triumphal return to spectacular masculinity.

Top note: red orange, grapefruit
Middle note: mint, rose, cinnamon
Base note: patchouli, ambergris, skin, woody tones

Fragrance type: Oriental, Woody

Essens perfume men m024

Sporty men`s scent characterising strength and energy, dynamism and freshness.

Top note: grapefruit, sea tones, mandarin
Middle note: bay leaf, jasmine
Base note: guaiac wood, oakmoss, patchouli

Fragrance type: Aqueous, Woody

Essens standard edition

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