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Discover the charm of luxury perfumes, discover Niche from Essens. Let yourself be enchanted!

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ESSENS Niche Perfume goes absolutely out of the mainstream, they stand out from the crowd with their exclusivity and their individuality will surely appeal to everyone with refined taste. ESSENS Niche Perfume will totally engulf you.

Treat yourself with the secret of traditional craftsmanship and noble natural ingredients. Enjoy maximum emphasis on the perfect combination and balance of unique fragrances. Stand out from the crowd and experience unforgettable moments with perfumes that represent the very top of perfume art.

Three delightful unisex fragrances in an elegant 100ml bottle are waiting just for you.

The fresh and sophisticated unisex perfume carries elements of the African continent and above all, its wild nature. The aroma is introduced by the notes of bergamot with lemon, which together with woody, floral and fruit tones, are underlined by a sensual musk and ambergris. The resulting charming fragrance underlines the uniqueness of its owner that is wearing the perfume and leaves behind an unmistakable enthralling footprint.

Top note: Bergamot, lemon, orange, caramel
Middle note: Cedar wood, vetiver, floral and fruit tones
Base note: Woody tones, musk, ambergris

Magical unisex perfume is the epitome of individuality, the most secret fantasy and playful sensuality. Sweet tones of delicate raspberry with peach are surrounded by lily of the valley and mystical aroma of oud, the aroma is closed by sensual musk, ambergris and sandalwood. Glamorous nuances underline your own senses and experience unforgettable moments.

Top note: Peach, raspberry
Middle note: Lily of the valley, swirl, blackcurrant, oud
Base note: Musk, ambergris, sandalwood, vanilla

Noble unisex perfume is a representative of modern, energetic and warm fragrance. Woody and floral notes with a hint of jasmine, sensual musk and ambergris play the perfect match, but the dominant feature of the scent and the central role is played by unmistakable cedar. The unique balance of the resulting fragrance leaves a deep trace behind its wearer.

Top note: Floral and woody tones
Middle note: Jasmine, wood
Base note: Cedar, musk, moss, ambergris

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