On this page I would like to give you as much important information as possible. It doesn’t matter if you just want to shop at a discount or even make money, please attention to this page.

First steps in Essens club

You have registered with the Essens Club for some purpose, but the first step is definitely to confirm the registration and set a password. The next step is to order a starter kit, products and catalogs.

Having trouble signing in? Contact your sponsor or me.

  • Find and save your Essens email with your PIN (this email often falls in bulk or spam)
  • First login – fill in your id and PIN, then set your password
  • Browse the website www.essens.cz after the first login
  • Pay attention to the event tab and marketing plan
  • After logging in, click on the e-shop and create your first order
  • The first order cannot be paid by cash, must be pay online
  • You can find a sample of perfumes and starter kit
  • Definitely order swatches, catalogs and certified perfumes

Important links

Essens official Europe Facebook

Essens official UK Facebook

Essens official EU Instagram

Essens official Youtube

My Instagram and Facebook group for you

Essens perfume list

Download Essens perfume list now. Enjoy with Essens perfumes every day.

Essens food supplements

Discover products for your healthy lifestyle…

How to get the best price

Each Essens product is scored. Look for important information about making money with Essens in your marketing plan. Do you want to shop at the best prices? Do you want to make more money? Shop for 50 points every month. Everyone in the club has a big discount, but those who shop every month have the highest discount.

Download MyEshop Essens

Do you know about Essens MyEshop app? You can search in Google store, download and use it for shopping and registration.

Essens travel

Do you like travel more than cosmetics and perfumes? You can travel cheaper or make money with Essens travel. Discover Essens travel on official Essens website.

How to make money with Essens..?

It is easy business. Follow these steps and you will be success, but be patient.

  • Try lot of producst from Essens
  • Use Essens perfumes and other daily
  • Share your experiences on-line and in real life too
  • Share your registration link (you will see in your profile after log in to official Essens of your country)
  • Registration new people
  • Order every month and teach it others

You get money from every order in your line.

Essens business quick start

How to make money with Essens in first month? Do you want to grow up with Essens business fast?

  • Your first order have to be BIG – order lots of perfumes and cosmetics, order minimal 3 starter kit and minimal 1 BestSeller set for women, 1 BestSeller set for men.
  • Show people in your area these products and use it. You find favourite Essens products and share it in your area.
  • Share business plan/marketing plan in your area.
  • All your knowledge about mlm Essens business and products share on internet.
  • Show people how make money with Essens or how they order cheaper.

Essens quick start in first month

  1. Your first order minimal 300  points
  2. You registration 30 people who order minimal 300 points
  3. Your members registration new people too
  4. Everybody shopping every month minimal 100 points
  5. It is quick road to your biger and biger pasive income
  6. Your first commissions will be more than 2 000 Euro
  7. But it is only start….

Lets start! Work on your better future. Go to on-line registration (id sponsor 10000437) and make your first 300 points order. Show people in your country Essnes perfumes, cosmetics and food suplements. They will love it, you will see. Then you sell products or registration these people to Essens for cheaper ordering. They can make money too. You can use internet for your quick start!

Don´t forger work on your goals!

Your first order minimal 300 points can contain, for example:

BestSeller for women – 100 points
BestSeller for men – 100 points
3x Starter kit – 15 points
3x Essynbio – 57 points
3x Lactoferrin – 97,5 points

It is your business tool. Share products, show products, try products with people in your area and make new orders, registration. You will see it is amazing business.